NESTLÉ Nescafe Gold Blend Stick Black (Instant) 22P | ネスカフェ ゴールドブレンド スティック ブラック

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Nescafe Gold Blend is a "regular soluble coffee" that envelops the grounds of finely ground roasted coffee beans to achieve a high quality aroma and the original taste of coffee and a clear aftertaste. This new Nescafe Gold Blend, is baked to match the characteristic of the beans using the roasting process. This carefully roasted blend makes each beans more unique and has a better fragrance for each cup of coffee. To pursue the original aroma and taste of coffee beans, enjoy the refined and mild and deep taste and the rich fragrance of the coffee. The stick type makes it easy to carry and enjoy coffee on the go. Individually packaged, so you can always use it as fresh as you like.